How to Install Kodi 16.1 onto your Android Box

how to install kodi 16.1 onto your android box


How to install Kodi 16.1 onto your Android Box

If you have an android box pre-loaded with an outdated version of Kodi and want to update it?

We have a solution here in this tutorial on how to uninstall and install the latest version of Kodi. We decided to go with the USB thumb drive method, where the kodi apk (android file) is loaded on to the stick.

Hardware Needed

  • Android Box
  • PC (Internet required)
  • Thumb Drive
  • Kodi APK (Android File) – Download from

Installation Guide

  • Using your PC, download kodi APK file from
  • Transfer the Kodi APK file to your thumb drive
  • Turn on your Android Box, plugin the USB thumb drive into a USB port
  • Uninstall Kodi (outdated version)
    • Settings > Applications > Select Kodi > Uninstall
  • Go back the Home screen
  • Select Application
  • Select File Manager
  • Locate the kodi.apk file on thumbdrive, and select
  • Confirm install
  • Click finish.


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